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granholm, and tonight on what is my final edition of the war room john brennan went to his c.i.a. confirmation hearing and a fight over drones broke out. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> jennifer: today john brennan took his seat before congress for his confirmation hearing for c.i.a. director. but what was under scrutiny was the obama administration broken program. it has drown criticism mostly from the left for not being more transparent. the criticism intensified after a memo was leaked talking about americans thought to have ties to al-qaeda through drones. and the left on left tension was on full display. here is brennan attempting to deliver his statement. >> i'm honored to appear before you today at the president's nominee to-- >> would you halt please.
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we'll ask the police to please remove this woman. >> jennifer: and that happened again and again and again four times he was interrupted until senator feinstein finally had to clear the room. >> okay, we're going to halt the hearing. i'm going to ask that the room be cleared and associates not allowed back in. we've done this five times now and five times are enough. we'll recess for a few minutes. >> jennifer: when the hearings resumeed brennon told senators that drone strikes do meet
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rigorous standard. the rob is that reliable information is hard to come by. the strikes are happening in dangerous and remote areas of pakistan and somalia. the best information comes from the new america foundation and they report that since brennon became the top adviser drone strikes have killed over 1500 people and 143 of those 1500 have been identified as civilians in credible news reports. our government's estimates are highly classified. in the senate only dianne feinstein's intelligence committee has been briefed but feinstein has long argued that based on those briefings civilian casualties are very low. here she is in 2011. >> the collateral damage is greatly reduced beyond what you may read in the press.
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i have asked please please, please can i release these numbers? the answer is no, they're classified. that's about as far as i could go on that. >> jennifer: and today she still didn't realize numbers. she did say though, that civilian deaths were in the single digits. but one of brennan's loudest critics called for more information about the strikes specifically ron widen wanted to know when the government is authorized to target americans if those americans are thought to have ties to terrorists? >> what do you think needs to be done to ensure that members of the public understand more about when the government thinks it's allow to kill them? >> i have been a strong proponent of being open as possible in these programs as far as what we're doing. what we need to do to optimize
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transparency and optimize secrecy and protection of our national security. >> jennifer: so senator widen and other critics on the left have also raised questions about brennan's role in the administration enhanced terrorist integration. cies. today john brennan responded to that particular criticism. >> i was aware of the program. i was cc'd on some of those documents. i had no oversight on the creation. i expressed my objections on certain of those citest such as water boarding and others. i did not try to stop it because it was something that was being done in a different part of the agency. >> jennifer: so while brennan's
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role in those controversial national security programs have created intense divisions on the left it might not prove to be a problem for his confirmation or for the white house. in fact, according to pew research 62% of americans do approve of drone strikes, which is the question from today. so joining me now host from talking liberally and democrat democratic strategist karl frisch who will be performing live with "the war room"'s" writer, welcome inside "the war room." i appreciate you guys coming. >> thanks, gov. >> yes am i supposed to be happy about this? you're allowed to go. >> jennifer: yes, i'm allowed to go, but after the show is over. bear with me. don't make me leave earlier.
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i brought you on to talk about this. it's a pretty serious subject. you're very funny in your day job, and night job but this is such a serious topic. you have such smart brains, what are your listeners saying? does the drone strike issue damage the president in the eyes of the left? >> well, i think their main concern is that wayne lapierre will use it in his next hearing to argue that everyone ought to have a drone. >> jennifer: gee. >> like any good card-carrying liberal people have concerns, but is it because we trust obama before than bush? yes, yes we do. and i have had a surprising number of people check in, military people, military guys from afghanistan who said, look this saves soldiers lives, and i think we came out of such a dumb unnecessary war in iraq,
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when president obama said he's going to fight a tougher but smarter war on terror he has. it's absolutely a tough issue. >> jennifer: yes, i completely agree with what you have just said. i'm interested in karl's take on it. first of all i agree that we trust the president. if this was bush we would be up in arms because we would not trust that he would strike in a very targeted way and try to minis. >> somebody today said that we took out blocks and blocks, that was not a targeted strikes. how many hundred of civilians in iraq did we kill? >> jennifer: karl, if there is this fight on the left, first of all, doesn't it insure that republicans--that republicans will fact support john brennan's confirmation, and what is your
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take on the drone strike issue. >> it's a tough issue. i'm glad we're talking about it. when you look at the 2008 and 2012 elections you had dozens of candidates running for president and not a single question in in the primary debate about executive power. it's great that the media is paying attention to the drone issue. i'm less concerned about the drone strikes overseas than i am about the idea that any american could be killed simply because they pose who knows determines is an imminent threat with a loose term of what immanent means. >> jennifer: that's the crux of the issue. how do you determine who is a danger and who is an ally. if you did determine that someone was a danger, and there were some levels of scrutiny on this, don't you think if an american is siding with al-qaeda, and it poses as a
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threat, even if it's an american we should take that person out? >> we should probably set up a protocall to make sure that we're doing something so that it can't be done indiscriminately. every word i read so far the word emanant immanent is loosely defined. that's what i would want to learn a lot more. that's what concerns me. when i hear the word drones, well, it doesn't put our troops in harms. it probably gets to places we couldn't get to easily. but new polls are showing that americans are very worried about the use of this technology to kill americans even if those americans are deplorable. what is the difference between doing that and letting the c.i.a. do open hits with guns and rifles in the u.s.? >> jennifer: and i think these are really important points that you have to have protocols you got to have structures and you
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got to protect the rights of american citizens, but to say that you couldn't be using drone shouldn't be using drones at all because of collateral damage. >> you get around the need of the long time it takes to get a war in. there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to set up something like that to have a check and balance here. >> jennifer: stephanie let me flip you back on the republican side. there are republicans like senator richard burr but really the fact that there is this fight on the left to get back to that question, don't you think that it assures that brennan is more likely to get confirmed by picking a lot of republican votes? >> i agree, and i also think that just jumping back to the gun argument it also helps news terms of the people who think they need guns to protect themselves from the government. so good luck against the drone
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with your ak-47. that's all i'm saying. >> jennifer: exactly. karl, there is a separate classified hearing next week, and that's the classified. so the media will not be allowed in. today's hearing, do you think it was all just for show? >> well, in a certain sense they're done to show that an issue that--let's look at why we have this here in the first place. early documents were leaked to newspapers which led to public outcry. what do you do? you can't just have a private hearing, or a classified hearing. you hold an informal interview in front of the media and the public. code pink show up, i tried to get them to interrupt the last taping of your show but they didn't show up. partially show, but it does give
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the media nuggets to grab on to and dig a little deeper. no matter how well you prepare you've been in those shoes before going to these briefings in michigan and elsewhere no matter how well you prepare sometimes you let something slip that you didn't mean to. >> jennifer: for sure. that's exactly right, karl and stephanie. i'm so glad you were able to join me on my last night. >> i already miss you more than air. i can't breathe without. >> jennifer: everyone watch stephanie's show, karl, i know you'll be back with our next host and i'll talk about that later on in the show. all right you political junkies. after the break we'll go from left on left-to-right on right. michelle bernard is going to join us on that. and then we'll talk about more. and since this is my last night on "the war room"," i begrudging begrudgingly allowed my team to pick out their favorite moment moments.
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keep in mind they're their favorite moments. but they're mortifying to me. >> what if gay marriage was mandatory, who would you gay marry? >> who would you gay marry? >> oh, my gosh. probably angelina jolie. >> there we go.
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timothy >> jennifer: you're back inside "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm. i am going to say something that i never thought i would say. karl rove is the voice of sanity in the republican party. i can't repeat it, but you get my drift. i know you at home are probably thinking to yourself. that jennifer granholm, she has gone off the deepened, it's a good thing it's her last night. but here's why and you'll know i'm right. karl rove who knows the only way republicans can win elections is if they nominate moderate, which is a relevant term in the republican party. and then you have the tea party wing with candidate like todd aiken, and we saw how that turned out. here to discuss it is michelle bernard p president of the
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bernard center. thank you so much for being here on my last night in "the war room." >> absolutely. >> jennifer: glad to have you. back me up here. tell everyone at home why i'm right about karl rove. >> you know what, i know--i know that your viewers are thinking that you have lost t but you're absolutely--you're absolutely right. i will tell you this as someone i have met karl rove on more than one occasion, and i know his reputation of being darth vader. but if you look at the statements he a making about the future of the republican party what it takes to be elected and smart politics in general he's the smartest voice that we hear--one of the smartest voices we hear out in the republican party today. you and i talked on the program before. i sat in a meeting in the second term of the bush administration,
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karl rove was the architect of that meeting. most of the people in that meeting were democratic ministers, democratic congregationdemocratic condemocraticcongregation. they sat in there and listened to the needs of the community. it didn't mean that a democrat went out and registered as a republican, but they saw their issue translate into real policies, and if made a difference and that's the kind of thinking that we need our leaders to have. >> jennifer: he sees the demographics but he's not a fan of marco rubio. rubio is on the cover of "time" magazine this week, and he has been dubbed the survive of the republican party. do you think he's the savior? >> i don't know what to say about marco rubio. i will tell you that there are other people that i'm more enamored with in terms of who the future of the republican party should be. >> jennifer: who is the savior? >> in my opinion there is a
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woman in arizona her name is lisa graham eagan. she's absolutely amazing. she looks a little bit like you i am told. people like lisa graham eagan really understands the country. they understand where the country is going and there is no such thing with regard to her or other people, i do not refer to them as moderate republicans. i refer to them as normal human beings. she understands the issues. >> jennifer: what does they do? >> she's very involved with an organization called national school choice week. she runs the education break through network. she's a big believer of education reform. her mantra is that your zip code should not determine your destiny. when you have a party who truly believes that every american has a shot at the the american dream that's who we want running the republican and democratic
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parties. >> jennifer: that's a name we should be watching for. >> absolutely. >> jennifer: i'm going to switch because you just wrote a column relative to this, and i want to ask you about it. we learned this week that there was an alabama high school football coach who was suspended after making derogatory remarks about michelle obama's posterio posterior, actually. why is it that people think it's fair game to talk about our first lady's anatomy. >> it is something that i don't understand. people spoke about hillary clinton when she was running for office and when she was first lady. one of the things that seems to be a little bit different here with regard to people talking about the high school coach that you talked about referred to the first lady as michelle fat butt obama. and what conservative radio host rush limbaugh has referred to her on one more than one occasion
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as michelle my butt obama. what we believe is beautiful or not beautiful just because certainly people feel that a lot of what black women look is not something that they consider is beauty, and in the african-american community we see all of us as beautiful regardless of how we look, and its disconcerting that it's okay to say these things about the first lady of the united states. who by the way she's not over weight. look at the pieces written by my colleagues. >> jennifer: she's totally beautiful. she's not the anorexic stick that fashion magazines tout as ideal, due do not think that it makes her a better and powerful role model for young women. >> absolutely. one of the things that i
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mentioned in the article that i wrote in the "washington post." when black woman wore corn rows. it wasn't considered fashionable until was seen on bo derek. and then big puffy lips until we saw them on angelina jolie. and now frankly it seems very unfair that it is considered beautiful when we see it on a white woman and considered fat or ugly when we see it on a black woman. that's the problem that we have. not just to the fact that it's a huge insult against the first lady. >> jennifer: of course, of course, michelle, you have been a great guest on this show, and you're a a wonderful voice for strong women and a great role model. thank you so much for being a
3:25 pm
consistent guest and your words are always right. michelle bernard. >> thank you i'll miss you. >> jennifer: i miss you, too. hillary in 2016. she has not said she's running yet. but it doesn't mean that her super pac is not hitting the pavement, and my staff would not led me leave the building until we relived the day that perhaps this youtube thing is not all that it's cracked up to be. >> welcome back in "the war room"." you probably heard about the video that is electrifying the internet. we're going play a clip, but the imagines you're about to see are truly disturbing. >> welcome back to the dating game. you heard some unusual answers. >> i did. >> which bachelor gets the night on the town.
3:26 pm
bachelor number one. bachelor number two or bachelor number three. >> they're all really nice, and everyone said that, but they were. but i think i'll take number two. >> bachelor number two. any particular reason. >> i want to know where he's going to put the spaghetti.
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>> jennifer: hillary clinton is mum on her 2016 plans. but her supporters are not. democratic voters overwhelmingly want her to run for the white house. there is a poll out today which shows the just retired secretary of state running circled around the democratic field. 58% of the respondents choosing her and vice president biden with 19% and elizabeth warren and andrew cuomo rounding out the top. that poll shows marco rubio
3:30 pm
leading the republican field in a general election then between the two between clinton and rubio, clinton would win the matchup by eight point, 49% to 41%. and she beat every other republican in the matchup as well. and the poll shows vice president biden leading all the republicans except for governor chris christie with whom he ties. this is all wishful thinking because secretary clinton is still on the sidelines. but supporters aren't waiting for her to enter the race. joining me now is a woman who maxed out a credit card just to follow check secretary clinton to 14 states aleta black might have found a more powerful way to help her. she started the hillary super
3:31 pm
pac encouraging secretary hillary clinton to run. welcome inside "the war room"." >> thanks for having me. >> jennifer: you're a profession of history, i supposed you want to makeshift in this super pac. is it to get her to run or make sure she wins when she does run. >> it's both. it's first to capture the momentum of this extraordinary grassroots support that she has generated all across the country to keep it together to sustain that enthusiasm, and then raise the money that we need to raise to really vault her into the white house. >> jennifer: there are a lot of groups who would be weighing in on this, a whole bunch of other pacs. there is support for her in 2016. how does the ready for hillary
3:32 pm
pac differentiate her from the others. >> well, we're totally focused on hillary. and we're totally focused not just on the money but creating great lists grassroots communities that are ready to dedicate their all to really elect her, to start working now and to dedicate great affective professional enthusiasm in all of their skills to really helping hillary become the next president of the united states. we've got ground troops. we've got money. we've got clothes. we've got volunteers, and we have the best candidate in the university. >> jennifer: i assume you would help to work with these other organizations who will help-- >> absolutely. >> jennifer: you're just the first one in the water. you're a super pac so far has 32,000 likes on facebook. 52,000 followers on twitter. you have strong virtual support. how much money do you need to make a significant difference?
3:33 pm
>> well, we need a lot of money but we know how to raise it. we know how to get it. it's real money from people at all levels. we're totally committed to running a professional shop here. >> jennifer: all right obviously people who are watching this can find you on twitter, facebook and sign up-- >> they can also go to >> jennifer: through go you.there you go. you got to get that out there. what kind of response have you gotten from hillary apeople. >> we have the kryptonite super wall. not because it's a super pac but she was secretary of state. there's no way we could talk electoral politics with her so there is a huge fire wall. >> jennifer: super pacs have a
3:34 pm
reputation, there is a reason for the fire wall, they have the reputation of going on attack when the candidate doesn't want to get their own hands dirty. how aggressive will your super pac be against republicans? >> i'm not going to attack--we're not going to attack anybody. we're going to show who she is, what she's done. jennifer, i knocked on five thousand doors made 15,000 phone calls, and rarely did i go on the attack against anybody. sure there will be moments when we highlights beginses but you you don't have toe viscerate somebody to make a point. that's the one thing that people will make get. you can be strong, forceful. we're not going to leave somebody in the gutter, man. this is hillary. >> jennifer: unless it's a bad republican who is going after her, then you want to leave them
3:35 pm
in the gutter. >> well, i can do it--believe me they'll know. they'll not not to mess with us. >> jennifer: that's what i'm talking about. so last question, is she going to run? >> oh, this woman you know her. she has accepted every challenge that the country has ever thrown at her. and i can't believe that once she's rested, and has her book ready, and sees what is happening out there and all of the support that we can continue to muster for her that she will not step up to the plate once again as she has done all her life run win and he a phenomenal president. >> jennifer: right, run baby run, that's the message. allida black, thank you so much for coming inside "the war room." creator of the "ready for hillary super pac." up next it's the political silver bullet. every, every american access to the best education available.
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thanks to technology there is nothing stopping us from doing it. more on that and more of our favorite war room moments just ahead. >> now more than ever young women need more--seasoned women to provide that encouragement to take a risk, to go for it. because once the glass ceiling is broken, it stays broken. the person who broke through cannot simply brush the shards of glass from her hair, kick out the ladder and say i got mine. now you go get yours. we have a duty to reach through the ceiling, the broken ceiling and pull other women up.
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>> jennifer: the reputation of online higher education got a shot in the arm today. the prestigious american council of education announced today the first four online classes worthy of receiving college credit, pre-calc to genetics and bio bio--online. these four courses are offered through cosero, a company that streams videotaped courses. they already have 40,000 users signed up for 220 online
3:41 pm
courses. these first four are the first to be approved by the american council on education. now most courses offered through corsero are free. but students who want completion certificate they pay between 30 and $99 for the course. now for an additional $60 to $90, students are eligible for college credit but taking these final exams which are proke forked by a webcam. with the cost of higher education skyrocketing, online education could offer access to millions of students who couldn't afford college not to message beingmention being able to show up for a lecture in your pajamas. joining me is cosera co-founder andrew ing. thank you for joining me inside
3:42 pm
"the war room." >> thanks, great to be here. >> jennifer: tell me how this works. i don't know why this doesn't happen everywhere, in every university. how do you work. >> i'm speaking to you we're taking courses from universities and putting them online free for anyone to take. you want to sign up for a cal tech course tomorrow, and it's free. >> jennifer: but getting the approval were ace on making sure that you can actually get credit and take exams at the end of it right? >> yes these are the courses taught by the the best professors at the best universities, but the latest recommendation were ace recommending our courses for college credit is another step
3:43 pm
towards letting students show off their work and earn credit that is good towards a college degree. >> jennifer: there are a lot of people who would say an online course, i don't get the benefit of interacting with students. why would i take classes online? what is the answer to that? do i lose something if i take it online? >> if you're admitted to stanford and you're debateing between going to stanford at home or staying at home and taking free classes. >> jennifer: how much tuition would you have to pay to go to standardstanford. would you be'ed and pay $60 a class versus $50,000. >> i think stanford would be an amazing experience. it's hard to replicate it online. but the online is also very
3:44 pm
good. >> jennifer: the question is i'm getting at the cost. if someone is accepted to stanford and they can't afford it and stanford puts the equivalent amount of classes online is that an option for people who may not be able to physically be there because of either money or maybe because of extricateing them from lives far away or with kids, etc. >> one of the things that i'm seeing that the online classes are bringing a lot of working professionals back into the education system. the model where you go to school for four years and then coast for the next 40 does not make sense for today's world. the online courses are bringing a lot of people back to school. >> jennifer: over the past ten years we've seen the cost of tuition at public not to mention private, on the public side,
3:45 pm
104%. can online education programs be used to bring down the cost of higher education and increase excel ability isn't that the isn't--accessibility. isn't that the point. >> students owe more in college debt than we as a nation owe in mortgages. i hope online courses will be part that have solution. for a professor to teach 50,000 students at a time it changes the economics of higher education. >> jennifer: could you not see a day when public universities offer courses online abroad overseas allow those overseas people to get credit, charge them more, and that money would be used to bring down the cost of tuition back at home. could you see online education as a profit center for universities that want to bring
3:46 pm
down tuition costs? >> you know, i think it's too early to answer that. both of us, we're trying to figure out how to develop the best possible education without worrying too much about money frankly. but for the top universities working for coursera is to have students interact with us and in person is amazing. the hundreds of thousands of students who can only take an online course rather than sustained stanford in person, that's fantastic. but those who can woman to university, they should. they get a better experience and be part of the rich campus experience. >> jennifer: sure, clearly you want people at a campus. that's a great benefit, a and it's a growing benefit. but for those who can't and those who cannot afford it it's a huge opportunity. i'm giving a chance to trumpet
3:47 pm
your coursera. you were featured in the "new york times." it's an exciting break through. congratulations today for having ace give your four courses a stamp of approval, and i bet it's just the beginning. andrew ng. thank you for joining us. after the break you're going to meet the new host of the war room. and i have to tell you, he is a lucky man. "the war room" is a show that let's you speak your mind and it's a show that let's you speak truth to power and every so often it's a show that even may leave you speechless by the guest. we're going to be right back. >> and you are, i hear, a young marry as well. >> i am. i had a child, a little girl, and i want you to know governor granholm, when you look at her picture, i want you to know that her life would not have been possible had you not given me a
3:48 pm
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>> jennifer: now i want to give you some feel as we dig deeper into the florida pole numbers to see how the candidates are trending less than 12 hours before the poles open. here's what we're starting with. first of all to give a sense of what the florida primary looks like. these 50 delegates are half of the 99 delegates that initially going to be awarded. >> jennifer: that was the first show and i admit it took me a little while to figure out that the camera with the red line red light was the one you're supposed to look at. lucky for you all michael shure
3:52 pm
is an old pro at this tv thing and i'm extremely proud to introduce him as the next host on monday. >> i'm very excited. i know it's bittersweet. i'm honored. the president always says in inauguration one of the great things in our country is the peaceful transition of valor. >> jennifer: we're about to inaggravate you as the new host. i want to ask michael they've seen you on here, and they've seen you sub, and they may have seen you on "the young turks." >> yes. >> jennifer: i want people to know more about it. tell people first of all why you got the nickname epics politics man and how you met "the young turks." tell us about that interest. >> well, the history of the "the young turks" is that it started first as a radio show. we were doing it in cenk's living room, just ten years ago having friends call in to say that they were actual callers because we had two listeners tops. it was serious before it was sirius.
3:53 pm
then through the years i was the political correspondent on "the young turks" because i had covered politics and it's always been something that i loved so much. so cenk dubbed me from the epics politics man. >> jennifer: where did you grow up? >> i'm from new york and went to university of virginia and i'm a lifelong 49ers fan. my taste of politics was for cucinch angle i always loved politics and the genesis of "the young turks" was with cenk, and then on tv, and current television, subbing for you. here's the deal, i want this to be a pattern. if we started this earlier i would be the governor of michigan. i'm upset about that. >> jennifer: well, let me just
3:54 pm
say, you have got some big heels to fill. i want to see these on you on monday night. >> i promise i will wear heels on monday night. >> jennifer: i'm mortified already. >> so is my mom. >> jennifer: eye viewers are in really good hands. >> thank you very much. >> jennifer: up next, brett erlich would not tell me what he's got planned for my last day although i'm certain that it is nothing i would approve of. and what would be my final episode of the war room without my last shot at my favorite political figure from the last year. >> over the cliff. we were begging for help, and you, you were coolly standing behind us giving your home state a shove over the ledge. and now you have the nerve to claim credit for the auto industry's rebound, it's a joke, right?
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>> jennifer: and now to one of the people i'm going to miss the most when this is done, brett erlich, who totally did not write this introduction. we eagerly await a special goodbye from a figure i look to for guidance both spiritual and personal. seriously. brett didn't write this one bit at all. shh, brett's singing now. >> governor, it's been such a great time i thought i would write you a very happy positive spirited goodbye song. i don't play the guitar ♪ when i heard ♪ you were leaving ♪ a frown ♪ shot across my face. ♪ so many thoughts ♪ inside my head ♪ like who gets her ♪ parking space ♪ you are a rock rock star ♪ you brought down ♪ a stadium. ♪ i would vote for you
3:59 pm
♪ if you weren't so ♪ canadian ♪ you took on the big issues ♪ and you took off ♪ the kid gloves ♪ goodbye ♪ gov ♪ with love ♪ with love ♪ with love ♪ remember beer on friday ♪ remember flip flop corners ♪ do we still ♪ do those things ♪ i wouldn't know ♪ i have time warner ♪ it's been one fantastic year ♪ i wish it could ♪ could have been ♪ a thousand more ♪ i know it's hard ♪ to find a replacement ♪ but seriously ♪ michael shure ♪ hey, brett, how are you. >> live, i'm starting on monday. i just wanted to let you know, anything you need, anything i can do for you. you're so

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